Buy the game

Are you convinced Risk&RACE is the game for you to engage your audience in circular economy thinking? Explore the options:

Buy a box

Buy a box of Risk&RACE and get started at your own pace: 250 EUR (excl. VAT) per box.

Are you a trainer or do you want to play with your team? Do you easily find your way around boardgames and do you prefer to learn to facilitate at your own pace? Then a box of Risk&RACE is the perfect fit for you!

The DIY package includes:

  • 1 game box, suitable for up to 8 participants
  • a manual booklet
  • a facilitator information package, including background information, access to a video tutorial and printable spare forms.

For larger groups, you'll need multiple boxes. For the best game experience, we advise to have a facilitator per game table.

Contact us to order!

Get a deep-dive training

Learn the ins and outs of Risk&RACE in a 2-day deep dive training by our game developers and circular economy experts.

Are you with a team of trainers or lecturers and do you want to be able to accommodate larger groups? Do you want to get a deep knowledge of the build-up of Risk&RACE, its possibilities and the theory behind it? Then, sign up for a 2-day tailored train-the-trainer course, led by our experienced facilitators and circular economy experts!

During the training you will learn the basic principles of circular economy and you will get an in-depth insight in how these principles were incorporated in Risk&RACE. You learn how to set up and moderate a workshop and how to manage the debriefing and processing in order to provide your students, co-workers or clients with an optimal learning experience.

A deep-dive training includes the following:

  • a 2-day training, led by an experienced Risk&RACE facilitator and circular economy expert
  • at your premises, or at the VITO offices in Mol or Antwerp (BE)
  • for 4 or more participants
  • content will be tailored to your needs
  • multiple R&R boxes, suitable for your desired group size

Contact us for a tailor-made offer.

Book a game workshop

Play Risk&RACE during your strategy meeting or team event and learn about circular economy business models while having fun.

Do you want to book a guided Risk&RACE game workshop during your team event or strategy meeting? Then you need an experienced facilitator! We can get you in touch with trainers that have Risk&RACE in their portfolio!

A Risk&RACE workshop includes:

  • a half-day game session, with facilitator
  • use of the Risk&RACE game during the session
  • exact approach can differ among different facilitators

Contact us for a detailed list of Risk&RACE facilitators that can make you a tailor-made offer!