Game concept

International Business Learning Game Competition finalistThe Risk&RACE game offers an exciting and hands-on experience with the opportunities and challenges of the circular economy. It is a table top board game, designed to induce an entrepreneurial mind-set and introduce players to entrepreneurial decision making and circular economy business models. And of course, it is also fun and challenging, just as a game should be! 

During the game players must act as an entrepreneur. They buy resources, manage their employees and produce and sell products on the market. External factors can affect market demand, price and availability of resources and legislative requirements. Players have opportunities to invest in infrastructure, technological innovation, human resources and business strategies in order to strengthen their company and remain profitable.

Throughout the gameplay, players will gain insight into:

  • the difference between linear and circular business models
  • circular economy strategies, such as circular product design, recycling and remanufacturing
  • circular business models, such as pay-per-use, take-back systems and life time extension
  • the effects of investments on their business performance and resilience against external events

The player who has established the strongest company at the end of the game, wins.








Target audience

VITO offers educational and inspiring workshops on circular economy strategies and innovative circular business models. In addition to theory and illustrative case studies, playing the Risk&RACE game is a fun and engaging way to learn. It also helps to simulate how business model concepts work in practice, against the background of entrepreneurial reality.

The game is aimed at students, entrepreneurs and strategic planning teams. It can be played as individuals or in teams. Its flexible set up allows users to adapt the game to different contexts, learning focus and target audiences.

After playing Risk&RACE, you will have a better understanding of circular economy strategies and business models. The next step is to apply and translate these concepts to your own products, company or context. VITO can be a valuable partner in assisting you with the elaboration of your own circular strategies.

You can become a certified Risk&RACE trainer by attending our Risk&RACE train-the-trainer course.  Register here !




‘Tell me, and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may remember. But involve me, and I’ll understand.'

(Dr. Herb True, 1978)